What is the Working Well (Work and Health Programme)?

Working Well (Work and Health Programme) has been set up to help thousands of people like you improve their lives. Your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach has referred you because they think it could help you with the obstacles you have finding work.

If you join the Working Well (Work and Health Programme) you will have a Key Worker and access to the Personal Support Team who will work with you for up to 21 months. They can get you help with things that are stopping you from finding work (for example mental or physical health problems). They will also make sure that all the other services you use are working together. Your Key Worker will work with you to help you to plan your journey back to work. They will support you with things like writing your CV, finding work experience and planning childcare.

Who is providing Working Well (Work and Health Programme)?

  • There are two government bodies that are mainly responsible for Working Well (Work and Health Programme). These are the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The DWP and the GMCA are required to provide lots of different types of support. Different laws require these. These allow us to use your information to provide these services and share your information as needed. By working together we can give better and more joined up support to help you get into work.

  • To do this the GMCA have commissioned Ingeus UK Limited to provide the Working Well (Work and Health Programme). In Data Protection terms Ingeus UK Ltd (IUK) would be specified as a data processor on behalf of the GMCA.

Ingeus UK Ltd will work on behalf on the GMCA with other organisations. To identify and provide you with the support you need to find work. This means that the GMCA and the other organisations will share information. You can find out more about the organisations involved in Working Well (Work and Health). Also how your information is used and shared on the programme.

How will your information be used?

Your Key Worker will do some assessments. They will also keep notes about how you are doing and what you have discussed. They will share some of this information with other organisations. Your information will only be shared with those that need to know. Only the minimum amount necessary will be shared. This will allow your Key Worker and the other specialists you are involved with to work together.

Getting support in this way will help you overcome any barriers you have getting into work. With your Key Worker and the other organisations sharing information, it will make it easier to get support. Making sure that you get the right support at the right time for you:

  • Getting rid of any doubling up of services
  • Reducing the number of times you have to tell your story
  • Making sure you don’t have appointments that clash

When your information is shared to help you on the programme, it will only be used on a “need to know” basis. Only the minimum amount necessary shared to support your access to services. You can find out more details of the organisations involved in the Working Well (Work and Health Programme).

  • Your information will also be used to improve the programme and similar programmes. The evaluation will help us to understand if the service actually works the way we want it to. Being able to use your information like this really helps make programmes like this better. Allowing people like you that take part in these programmes, to get the right support they need. In a way that works. You can find out more details about the research and evaluation work.
  • The provision of the programme has been part funded by the European Social Funding. To make sure that the funds are being used properly, an audit is undertaken of the programme and the people receiving support. This may involve some of your information being shared with the auditor. You can find out more details of how your information will be used to support the European Social Fund audit.

Your information will be used to help prevent and detect fraud and crime. We will therefore share data to with other people and organisations to support this.

These would include:

Detecting and preventing crime and fraud

• Assisting in emergency response management

What do we do to make sure your information is secure?

All the information you provide as part of this programme will be kept securely. Ingeus UK Limited and the organisations involved in providing your support, comply with a number of information security standards. These are required under a legal contract with Ingeus UK Ltd. For the other organisations they must comply with requirements specified by Central Government. Along with requirements specified by NHS Digital. Your information will be looked after properly by everyone involved. You can find out more details of how we are keeping your information secure as part of the programme.

How long will we keep your information?

Each organisation involved in providing the Working Well must keep your information for set periods to comply with different laws, regulations and guidance. To make sure this is done properly they each have policies that list the length of time they will hold information. You can find out more details of how long we are keeping your information.

Information rights

You have various information rights these include:

  • requesting copies of your information
  • raising concerns if your think your information is not being used properly
  • making sure your information is accurate and up to date
  • objecting to how your information is being processed

There are more details available on your information rights.

If your feel your information is not being used appropriately. Please raise your concerns with your Key Worker or their Manager.

If you are not happy doing this please either email: info@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk

Alternatively, you can raise your concern by post by writing to:

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Church Gate House

56 Oxford Street


M1 6EU

Please explain what your specific concern is in relation to the use of your information for Working Well (Work and Health Programme).

You also have the right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can find out more details of your information rights.

For further details on this and your information rights please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office Website.