Ingeus performs partnership magic with Merlin win


Ingeus has created a win-win partnership with their supply chain, which delivers excellent value to the customer.

Gary Swarbrooke
Director of Assessment Services

Ingeus UK Ltd has been awarded the coveted 2018 Merlin Standard Award for its exemplary work with supply chain partners across its employability, health and youth services divisions.

The people-related services provider has been ranked ‘Excellent’ in the last three rounds of Merlin Standard assessments. The standard measures positive partnership working within supply chains and, having again achieved an overall 92% Excellent rating in 2018, Ingeus was a firm favourite to spirit away the Merlin Standard Award at October’s ceremony.

The awards were hosted at the Belton Woods Hotel near Grantham by Assessment Services Ltd, which independently assesses and verifies performance-enhancing national standards. Its annual awards publicly recognise excellence in organisations employing quality standards to provide effective outcomes.

Alison French-Carr, Supply Chain Design Manager at Ingeus proudly collected the award from Gary Swarbrooke, Director of Assessment Services:

“Effective partnerships play a huge role in the work Ingeus does,” said Alison. “We understand that having a productive, responsive supply chain, effectively one team working together for the benefit of all, will deliver the best possible services for our commissioners and the people we support with our contracts.”

Also at the awards ceremony was Joanne Lewin, Head of Supply Chain at Ingeus, who added: “The Merlin Standard is crucial in demonstrating commitment and transparency to our partners and is integral to our status as a founding B Corp company.”

Gary Swarbrooke said: “Ingeus has created a win-win partnership with their supply chain, which delivers excellent value to the customer. They have embedded Merlin principles across all their supply chain practices and contracts, taking their learning from employability programmes out into the youth and health sectors. They truly assert collaboration and building long-term relationships and are a worthy winner of the Merlin Standard Award.”

The Merlin Standard is built upon and assessed against eight principles of supply chain management: Design; Procure; Contract; Funding; Develop; Performance Manage; Quality Assurance and Compliance; and Review and Close. Ingeus scored Excellent against all eight principles in its 2018 assessment, achieving a top 100 percent score in contracting. Organisations that hold the Merlin Standard are reaccredited every two years, Ingeus has maintained its Excellent rating for the past six years.

Ingeus works with governments and other commissioners to design and deliver services that help people to improve their lives. A founding member of B-Corp in the UK, and listed in the top ten percent ‘Best for the World’ B Corps globally, it believes that its own success can be used to effect positive environmental and social change; using business as a force for good. It works with a huge range of specialist supply chain partners across the public, private and third sectors as it constantly evolves its programmes to future need.