Giving people skills that benefit business


High quality vocational education increases workforce productivity and keeps businesses ahead.

Here are just some of the benefits.

Attraction and Retention
It’s essential your business has clear development pathways.  The best candidates are career-focused and eager to learn and develop.

“40% of staff who do not receive adequate training leave their job within a year... and the average cost of replacing a single member of staff is £30,000.”


When staff feel you are committed to investing in their success, they are more motivated about your business.

“75% of staff feel they are not achieving their full potential at work and  want access to more development opportunities.”
- Institute of Work Based Learning.


Training improves consistency, efficiency, productivity and profits.

“Organisations with a more qualified management workforce and a dedicated programme of management development have been shown to perform better and have more sophisticated and higher quality product and market strategies.”
- The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.


Well trained, motivated staff provide the best customer experience.

“There is a statistically significant link between the quality of firms’ management processes and practices and their productivity. And the effect is large. A one standard deviation improvement in the quality of management raises productivity by, on average, around 10%. This suggests potentially high returns to policies which improve the quality of management within companies.”
- Andy Haldane, Deputy Governor, Bank of England.