Chelmsford College learns the benefits of NCS


NCS is perfect preparation for a working life of any kind, but especially for those pursuing a public services career.

Chelmsford College introduced NCS into its curriculum with a pioneering pilot of the country's flagship youth programme back in 2015. Recognising the educational and personal development benefits it’s brought to students, NCS is now a firm fixture in the college’s Public Services courses, offering students the lifechanging opportunities of NCS as part of their autumn term timetable.    

Tailored to support specific curriculum learning areas, National Citizen Service incorporates an outdoor residential unit with social action planning and delivery. Instilling skills for work and life, NCS positively encourages students to try new challenges, engage with their studies, communicate with each other and contribute to their local community. 


Public Services course tutor Jamie Jones believes the model brings huge benefits to the college and students alike.  
“Building NCS into our offer to students definitely adds value,” said Jamie, “with NCS representatives coming into the college to enthuse and motivate students about what they’ll be undertaking.  

“The off-site residential means we can offer a much wider range of activities for the students to try. Participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves, while bonding and getting to know each other away from their everyday surroundings. Without many of the distractions of modern life, I’ve really seen students communicating better and growing in confidence during the visit. Staff are encouraged to take part too and I’ve enjoyed seeing a slightly different side to my students, which stands us in good stead back in the classroom.  

“The subsequent social action activity is very popular too. Students studying for a public services career are likely to be motivated by, and enjoy helping other people and that’s exactly what this module delivers.”